Milky Chance Interactives

Two interactive web campaigns for the new album "Blossom".

Due to the release of Milky Chance's new album "Blossom", Vinzenz Aubry and me created two interactive web campaigns to promote it. A 5-Day campaign for a single track and an interactive documentary in three chapters.

For the release of the single "Cocoon" we developed a site where 50.000 people can unlock a pixel of the upcoming cover-artwork and simultaneously some milliseconds of the song.
After a quick Facebook-Login, the user can choose a part of the artwork the he wants to reveal. Afterwards the timeline of the song grows and plays the current version of the song.
During the playback of "Cocoon", the user sees the current artwork and profile pictures of other users dancing on their very own pixels.
Of course everyone can share their own pixel and motivate their friends to unlock the whole song and cover!
The whole thing works really good on mobile, too.
We had a fascinating, organic evolution of the cover artwork.
The whole album campaign uses a different approach. We created an interactive documentary in three parts - to be released every month before the album release. The so called "Blossomentary" should allow the fans to learn more about Milky Chance and create an immersive experience.
The first episode "Doing Good" starts with a subtile introduction for learning how to interact. We used a long drone flight scene with an off-voice to create an urge to see Milky Chance talking. After some time the user is promted to press space. Now he learned that he can manipulate the video.
After the introduction-scene, you see Milky Chance jamming a new song in their studio. The user can still change the perspectives and play around with a mixer controlling the single instruments.
The fan has the opportunity to look around the studio and do some extra stuff like have a look inside the artists sketchbook.
Thanks to the better video handling in iOS 10 we were able to create the experience on mobile devices, too.
Chapter 2 starts with a short introductive earth-zoom to Milky Chance's hometown Kassel.
The user is able to morph between their most famous presspic from 2013 and a recreation of it from 2017.
After that, the user is put in the role of an interviewer and has the chance to choose between several questions to ask. He has to listen carefully to answer questions about the just heard interview to win a special prize.
We're looking forward to presenting you part 3 of the blossomentary. Expect some cool 3D-Applications! visit