Interactive, scrollable Web Comic

April, 2016

During a university story-telling course I teamed up with Sebastian Strobel (concept) and Tristan Müller-Knapp (illustrations) to develop a scrollable Web Comic.

The idea was to create an attractive and easy-to-understand comic which should react to xenophobia and highlight that our culture has endless influences from other countries and cultures and that it is wrong to ostracise people with different cultural backgrounds.

It was very hard to design, write and illustrate a good story within one month, so the final story is a bit confusing and hard to comprehend. But I still want to share it because I am very satisfied with the technical realization.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-08 um 17.40.24

My task was to develop the web comic and make it move while scrolling. To manipulate elements while scrolling I can strongly recommend skrollr.js. The rest of the code is written without any plugins.


The hard work was to make the compositions responsive. Every image has it’s own layer and own position – And own behaviour when resizing. I positioned and sized a lot of the elements width VW and VH units. It’s very tricky, because the elements always have to stand in the right positions to each other to make sure the composition is looking good.

So, just have a look (only in german):